The blockchain changes everything.

Coin Benchmark is a team of entrepreneurs, advisors and investors that help projects successfully launch on the blockchain.


Have you launched your project on the blockchain yet?

How would you like to align your blockchain project with trusted influencers and authorities, find investors and build a rabidly loyal community?

Coin Benchmark has created a proven system that provides full-service ICO and STO advisory so you can continue coding, not answering telegram messages. You will finally be able to work on your project, not in your project.

We only work with the most interesting projects in the space. Truly decentralized projects that embody the ethos of the blockchain. No ‘white paper projects.’ No cash grabs. We only work with 1-2 projects at a time to dedicate all of our resources to your ICO or STOs success.

To help advance the adoption of cryptocurrencies, we don’t accept fiat for payment. We only accept payment in your project tokens, Bitcoin or Ethereum.


There are 40 new ICOs every day. 90% of Cryptocurrency media is paid for. It’s hard to get hype for your ICO. We have a proven promotion and marketing system that works. Ask us how we grew one of our clients Telegram channels from 3,748 to 7,057 members in 5 days while spending only $15.


With our extensive Angel Investor and Venture Capital Networks, we can introduce you to suitable investors in your thematic area. We also have close relationships with Blockchain Hedge Funds and Cryptocurrency Investor Pools that can boost your ICO presale.


Finding the perfect balance of tokenmetrics is not hard but most ICOs get it wrong. From market cap to token burning, we will help you structure your tokenmetrics to incentivize interest from retail investors and build momentum for your project.


We have relationships with Australia’s leading blockchain lawyers who have worked with some of the world’s biggest ICOs. Depending on the area of your project, we can introduce you to the best legal fit.  


No ‘Shilling’ here. We have an effective and trusted network of Crypto influencers (both paid and free) ready to promote your project. From YouTube interviews to podcasts, these influencers are authorities and will ensure your message is heard where it counts. 


We help your ICO create a rabidly loyal community. Community plays an important role in the ICO lifecycle and is a valuable source of organic promotion.


We review over 50 whitepapers every week. Most are written by highly technical people. While it may make sense to them, it doesn’t for everyday investors. We help optimise your whitepaper for investors and the crypto community.


Our in-house video production team will make your project look as good as a Netflix Original. We shoot a proven series of videos that result in community building, authenticity and hype. We also have your all-important explainer video covered.

The team

Truong Pham

Technical Analyst & Infrastructure Architect

Brendan Hill

Growth Marketer & Angel Investor

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